Your voice counts in the debate in Congress over the Republican bill to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy while leaving the middle class behind and adding trillions to the deficit.


Congress is considering a partisan tax bill that will significantly impact every American. It re-writes much of our tax code, giving enormous tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while leaving the middle class behind. In addition, it will dramatically increase the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion.

This bill was crafted in secret, behind closed doors, so that Americans wouldn’t know what was in it. The bill has had no hearings and Republicans refuse to allow input from Members of Congress and the American people. Like with their failed attempt to pass TrumpCare, Republicans are trying to ram the bill through Congress only weeks after releasing it, hoping to avoid public scrutiny.

Every American deserves to have their voice heard by Congress in this critical debate on taxes—both supporters and opponents. Civic engagement with Congress is enshrined in the Constitution. is an effort to increase transparency and accountability and assure Americans that they have a voice in Congress.

This site will tally and prominently display the opinion of any American who speaks out on this bill through the widgets below from, a leading non-partisan platform for civic engagement. In addition to tallying and prominently displaying all public sentiment, like on this webpage, PopVox allows any person sharing their opinion to also deliver that opinion as an email to that person's individual Representative in Congress, as well as their two Senators. PopVox uses numerous security mechanisms to ensure opinions left are from real people with real addresses.

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